Asado Argentine Restaurant, The Palace – The Old Town, Downtown Dubai

Asado looks like it could be an authentic Argentinian steak house, but I couldn’t tell for sure, I’ve never been to Argentina. Despite being brightly lit, the exposed brickwork and antler candelabras make the inside of this restaurant feel a little bit dated, like you’ve just walked into an aged Buenos Aries eatery, I’m guessing that’s the look The Palace The Old Town is going for.  Sit outside though and you couldn’t be anywhere but Dubai: you’ve got the most fantastic view along a ‘canal’, across the lake and right up the Burj Khalifa.  The BK never fails to impress me!

The food:

As you’d expect, this place is all about the meat of the four legged variety.  There are a couple of fish options and a risotto.  This is not the place for a vegetarian!

There were more starts on the menu than mains, including an extensive selection of empanadas, traditional Argentine filled pasties.  We tried the chicken & corn and spinach and Ricotta empanadas – very tasty mini pasties.  I also shared a perfect starter-sized portion of goat’s cheese salad.  A super tasty mountain of rocket, melted goats cheese with pesto spread toast.

I’d heard rave reviews about the fish, so plumped for the sea trout with mixed vegetables.  Nicely sized filet of trout presented in a waxed paper parcel.  It was nothing to write home about and nothing I couldn’t have made at home.  Lesson learnt; when eating Argentinian-style, always chose the beef!

My partners in crime opted for more authentic Argentine options; meat.  Jeremy, who has not eaten red meat for twenty five-ish years, had the tenderloin steak, as did his sister.  Jeremy’s twenty five year wait was well worth it, I think I could go so far as saying he was amazed at how good 200 grams of prime Argentinian beef could taste, it was really melt in your mouth beautiful.

Chop opted for another Argentine speciality; roast baby goat, and again, Asado did not disappoint.  This was literally a side of baby goat, roasted to perfection served up on a hot plate.

We had side servings of wilted spinach, roasted vegetables and chips.  The chips were cutely presented in a little tower with a sprig of rosemary.  Word of warning through, if you like to pad out your meal with starchy carbs, go crazy and order two portions!


The restaurant, staff and food were all well presented; I don’t think there was anything that you could fault in terms of cleanliness, presentation or that ‘i’m trying to be authentic’ feel with exposed brick walls and live Latino music.  It was all up to five star hotel standard, something I’ve come to expect from the Address chain of hotels.  Maybe a little uninspiring, but it just feels like they’re doing everything right in terms of providing you with a bloody good steak and an authentic Argentine experience in Dubai.

I will report back on how authentically Argentine the experience actually is once I get back from Argentina…watch this space!


Just to give you an idea, at the start of the meal we commented that the price of starters were inline with what you’d normally pay for a main when you go out.  However, to be honest, I think we paid for what we got – we had great service and a really good meal in a fab setting for around 350 dirhams each, including a bottle of wine and a couple of beers.


We we’re looked after all evening, from being warmly greeted on arrival to being stunned by the mastery of the in house Magician, who was truly brilliant!  The live entertainment brings some background ambiance and every 30 minutes, through the gap in the buildings, you can just about see the fountains dancing.

I was impressed that Asado go to the trouble of sending the waiter out with a covered plate of meats to explain to the different cuts and weights available at the restaurant.

The food was swift to come to the table, there was no waiting around at all, which for a busy Friday night, I was most impressed with as this is a classic Dubai failing.


Tel: +971 4 888 3444



Special occasions, Latino, outdoor, 5 star

I have real issues writing this blog, well to me it’s more an issue about that photo’s that accompany the reviews.  I am constantly forgetting to take my camera with me when we go for a meal, I actually managed to remember to take my camera with me on this occasion, but forgot my memory card! Classic. So these photo’s are taken on the trust iPhone: always to hand: Yes, quality: hmm, leaves a little to be desired in low light.  I am working to improve my memory and remember both my camera and memory card for future post!

3 thoughts on “Asado Argentine Restaurant, The Palace – The Old Town, Downtown Dubai

  1. carla says:

    The food is actually quite authentic in terms of meat preparation. Well written, you got it to the core.

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