Balance 360 Café , Oasis Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

I was immediately intrigued by the prospect of Balance 360 Cafe, I’m a big fan of anything holistic and healthy, and from what i’d read, Balance 360 Cafe sounded like it could offer something exciting in comparison to the bland mall cafe offerings i’ve come to know and hate!  

The Landmark Group’s Balance 360 offering markets itself as a ‘holistic wellness club’ providing Ayurvedic and organic spa and beauty treatments, yoga & pilates, life style workshops, a food school and the café.

I’m impressed, this sounds right up my street!

was super happy to find a refreshingly interesting menu from Balance 360 Cafe; there’s an extensive range of traditional Indian and western dishes influenced by ancient Indian Ayurvedic principals served up with a modern twist.  You’re provided with information on the nutritional content of each dish and your place mat outlines some basic Ayurvedic philosophy, i’m presuming with the intent of helping you make healthier eating choices, which certainly isn’t difficult when you see what’s on offer.

The food:

I opted for the Palak Bhutani; spinach with garlic, ginger and black gram flour served with yellow lentil and whole wheat bread.  Basically a decent serve of beautifully flavoured wilted spinach, with a wee bowl of dahl, served with chapatti and a small pile of salad.  If you’re an ‘eyes bigger than belly‘ type, like me, you might be a bit concerned at the serving size, however I add a scoop gingered rice from my partner’s meal, and finished my plate satisfied – feeling full and slightly angelic!

My partner chose the Chicken Gomadare-Cashew and Miso Sauce with raw papaya salad and gingered rice.  Chicken skewers we’re nicely cooked but a bugger to get off the skewer!  Rice was whole and beautifully cooked, as you’d expect from such an eatery.  Again portion size looked small, but there was enough there to satisfy your stomach without feeling like you’d stuffed yourself or leaving you hungry for dessert.

We also pumped for a couple of juices and a pot of fresh mint tea.  I had the Mango Immune booster; a mix of mango, orange, pineapple, pomegranate, lemon with ginger and mint; a perfectly sweet smoothie, very drinkable and gone in three seconds flat.  My partner went for the very healthy Detox Juice; apple, orange, carrot and ginger; very healthy tasting – pure and unadulterated goodness, not one for faint hearted!  Fresh mint and hot water, how hard can it be to get it right?  You’d be surprised, my usual complaint is serving size vs price, however, this was happily not an issue at Balance 360 Cafe, where I got a decent sized tea pot.  Heaven to me!


I’m not a fan of mall eateries, I find they lack character, make me feel like I’m eating in a goldfish bowl, and serve up safe unadventurous food.  To top if off I find Oasis to be one of the least attractive malls in Dubai.

Balance 360 Café has definitely made the best of it’s undesirable location, it looks open and inviting, the décor is a bit of a mix of modern with a touch of rustic (exposed stone walls).  There is a bit of the fish bowl feel going on, but luckily it’s tucked away on the top floor of the Oasis Centre, making it a lot quieter than your usual food court offering.

I like that the kitchen area is open to all eyes, you can impatiently watch as the chefs piece together your meal!


Very reasonably priced.  We had a nice, healthy meal for two with drinks and walked away with change from AED 100, which is a rarity these days.


We were greeted on arrival, offered any seat in the house (it was pretty quiet), and promptly provided with a menu and our order was taken pretty swiftly.  It was a bit touch and go as to whether our waiter understood our order; maybe he was just shy or didn’t speak English very well.  Happily the right food turned up in time – not the fastest service in the world, but I like to think that they made most of our meal from scratch, hence having to wait that little bit longer to eat.


Tel: +971 4 384 7010


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4 thoughts on “Balance 360 Café , Oasis Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

  1. Elaine says:

    Helen, I love your site and blog. Will definitely try out 360 cafe, maybe tomorrow. I’m going to Make tonight and will report back. The photo on your blog of the salad is divine. Do you have the recipe for this? I would love to make it. I can never eat enough fresh salads.

    • HonestlyFoodie says:

      Thanks for your lovely comments Elaine! There’s no real recipe for the salad, it’s so simple; just roast up a load of veggies, whatever you have in your fridge, and serve on a bed of rocket & spinach with toasted pinenuts & freshly picked nasturtium flowers – for a pretty and very tasty treat!

  2. diana says:

    Had high hopes of a pleasant lunch, firstly it was near impossible to communicate the order as the waitress spoke little English. Had to point to item on menu and inform her that I wanted the dish without garlic as I am allergic to it. Told her go ask chef if no garlic in this dish and confirm to me he understood. She came back saying it would have no garlic. The dish was served. I took a mouthful and it was full of garlic. I Called waiter over and informed that my order was incorrect. The Manager came over and said that I had only asked for no garlic in the cheese part of the dish so the topping had garlic. I told him that was incorrect as I had clearly double checked this point with the waitress and informed her I am allergic to garlic, I asked if the chef had been told that, the manager confirmed that the chef had been told. So I asked the manager how are you trying to make it my fault. I told him I don’t appreciate your attitude and I would have expected an apology for a wrong dish and an offer of a replacement. Instead I got no apology and an attempt to put the blame of their mistake on me. Will never go there again.

  3. Tatyana says:

    They reheat your food in microwave in cheap plastic containers as they did it with my “steamed” rice today (I could clearly see it standing and looking through the kitchen window).

    When I spoke to the Host he told me it’s a normal practice to use plastic in microwave and when I spoke to the Manager he said they only use ceramics in microwave, admitting after that some time staff in the kitchen are looking for shortcut .

    So much for health food orientated establishment!

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