Le Pain Quotidien, Marina Mall, Dubai

In a word:  Homely
Food:  A nice selection of freshly prepared mainly European cafe-style dishes, mostly healthy (except the deliciously naughty looking tarts and pastries) to suite pretty much all palettes
Service:  Very well trained, although a little slow to deliver drinks and food at times
Presentation:  Just food on a plate, nothing too complicated
Ambience:  A European homely feel, especially nice if you’re not used to the real thing.
Location:  All the convenience of a mall location, and plenty of other branches across Dubai
Value for money:  Standard Dubai/London cafe prices
Worth a visit?:  A perfectly good option, especially if you’re in the mall and you fancy a healthy freshly prepared option, bar those aforementioned tarts!

Le Pain Quotidien has grown on me.  With an ethos around organics and sustainability, Le Pain Quotidien should have rated much higher on my radar, however, when we first moved to Dubai I had a few disappointing experiences there; portion size issues and serving soup in a bread bowl…yes, I know, soup in a bread bowl isn’t unique to Le Pain Quotidien, but it’s something that turns me off, big time.  These first unsatisfactory experiences left  bad taste and I boycott Le Pain Quotidien altogether.

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Baker and Spice, Dubai Marina, Dubai

In a word: Heaven
Food: Just what the foodie ordered – organic, locally sourced, fresh, homemade and mighty tasty!
Service: Friendly
Presentation:  Clean, simple and homely.  You don’t need fuss when the food speaks for itself
Ambience: Great hub for feasting with the family, or perhaps a romantic dinner overlooking the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains or the Marina and Yacht Club
Location: Two Downtown and a Marina location – that’s both ends of town covered and both have great views
Value for money: You pay for quality and ethically sound ingredients.  It’s no more expensive than any other cafe or bistros out there
Worth a visit?: Of course, it’s my favourite place to eat – a go-to time and time again

This is one seriously overdue post…

P1070901I LOVE Baker & Spice.

It’s officially my favourite place to eat anywhere in the world right now.

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Urban Bistro, Dubai Media City, Dubai

In a word:  Classic
Food:  Great variety, portion size, classic dishes done very well and healthy options.  I’d definitely recommend a visit to sample breakfast Urban Bistro-style
Service:  Not bad, not amazing
Presentation:  Nice interiors with plenty of stuff to look at; the view, books & magazines, jars of cookies, bowls of salads, people and unpretentious food presentation
Ambience:  Busy with the work crowd for lunch, otherwise you’ll find it chilled and the perfect place to linger
Location:  Fab for Media City workers; probably the best location in DMC in terms of views.  Also perfect for Marina residents who are bored with the standard offerings on The Walk or Marina Mall
Value for money:  Very much so
Worth a visit?:  Definitely, it’s one of those places that has become a regular haunt because they’ve got the formula right: food, price and service

Urban Bistro has become a regular haunt and the reasons we go back time and time again is they have the formula right: they serve good-quality, healthy food, generous portion sizes, a variety of dishes from breakfast through to evening, plus, it’s reasonably priced.  A rarity to find such a combination in Dubai.

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