Swan Valley Cafe, Swan Valley, Perth WA

In a word:  Vibrant
Food:  Fragrant and fresh vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten free options, plus they have a shop for take homes and a booze license!
Service:  Friendly and helpful
Presentation:  Simple; the quality and freshness of ingredients shine from the plate
Ambience:  Tranquil and full of light, beautiful quiet garden overlooking vines and fields
Location:  Conveniently located amongst the vineyards of the Swan Valley
Value for money: On the upper end of the café scale at around $20 for a main. This is ingredient, labour and love-intensive food.  Plus it’s in Western Australia, possibly one of the most expensive places on the planet!
Worth a visit?:  The perfect place to refuel, nourish and relax between tasting sessions

The Swan Valley Café is a breath of fresh air, it’s super easy to find- on one of the main roads in and out of the Swan Valley wine region, the staff are friendly, the café has a homely and welcoming feel, and the food, perhaps most importantly, is absolutely delicious, looks and tastes fresh and brimming with goodness.

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Café Comptoir 102, Jumeirah, Dubai

In a word:  Oh-la-la!
Food:  Raw in Dubai, what a treat!  Super healthy options optimised to get the best nutritional value from the ingredients
Service:  On the ball
Presentation:   Sophisticated French classic rustic-style chic!
Ambience:  Just nice and calm
Location:  Perfect for Jumeirah Janes, not so good for Marina residents, but definitely worth the trek.  The outdoor seating area next to the road doesn’t work for me.
Value for money:  Raw and wholesome foods in Dubai without the hyped up prices
Worth a visit?:  Get down there, especially now that they’re open on Fridays – ditch the brunch for something way healthier and far more sophisticated!
Cafe Comptoir 102
Cafe Comptoir 102

So I did it, I finally ventured down to the other end of town with my healthy food loving amigo, Lady L, of the fabulous food/travel/wellbeing site Fit2fly, to checkout Café Comptoir 102.  I have to say it was well worth the effort of an hours bus ride from the marina.

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La Mano Verde, Charlottenburg, Berlin

In a word:  Pure
Food:  Gourmet vegetarian, vegan and raw
Service:  Gut, yah! (that’s German for Good, yes)
Presentation:  Food-wise; simple yet eye catching
Ambience:  Quiet and calm
Location:  In a leafy square in the upmarket area of Charlottenberg
Value for money:  Not super expensive, around 16 euros for a main, and they do have good value lunch time deals.
Worth a visit?:  If you’re into raw and vegan fine dining then it should be on your Berlin must do list!

We chose Berlin for our summer holiday this year, a mix of business and pleasure; I was excited to check out the foodie and yoga scene in this funky and fresh capital city.  I visited Berlin back in 2008 and fell in love with the vibrant, history-steeped city with it’s love of all things (considered) alternative; holistic health, organic food, and the alternative art scene.

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