Okku, Dubai

In a word: Luxe
Food:  Amazing, one of my favourite fine-dining experiences
Service:  Serious, yet welcoming, friendly and fun
Presentation:   Faultless
Ambience:  Dark, almost mysterious, definitely cool
Location:  Number 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Okku has THE address!
Value for money:  This is oriental fine dining at it’s best, so take a wallet full of cash, or better still, someone else’s!
Worth a visit?:  A must do in Dubai. Go on a Sunday night, be prepared to eat incredible food, spend a small fortune on booze and pull a sickie on Monday, as Sunday night is hedonistic!

Okku has a reputation in the UAE as one of the best places to eat whether you’re specifically after Japanese, or a fine dinning experience with ridiculously good food and mighty fine ‘O’ style cocktails to match.  The name Okku is synonymous with fine dining in Dubai and the Sunday night parties have a hedonistic reputation.

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Pier Chic, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

In a word: Dreamy.
Food: The fine art of seafood.
Service: Once seated, attentive and efficient.
Presentation: 5 star.
Ambience: Romantic, dreamy and relaxed vibe.
Location: Fabulous location on the end of a pier looking out to sea and over Dubai’s iconic Madinat Jumeirah resort.
Value for money: Food and the view make it a treat that’s worth it.
Worth a visit?: Oh yes.

Pier Chic has to be one of the most romantic spots in Dubai, as the name suggests, it’s set at the end of a pier on the beach in front of Al Qasr Hotel on the Madinat Jumeirah stretch of coast, overlooking the Arabian Sea and the rather fabulous looking Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s self proclaimed seven star hotel.

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Breakfast buffet at Fazaris, The Address Downtown, Dubai

In a word: Quality!
Food: Freshly prepared, good quality and plenty to chose from
Service:  Attentive, as you’d expect from The Address hotels.
Presentation:  Interiors are beautiful with a subtle wow factor, service and eating areas look clean, and the food is nicely laid out.
Ambience:  Peaceful and relaxing, a perfect way to ease yourself into the day.
Location: Right next to Dubai Mall, perfect for eating and then wandering round one of the world’s biggest malls to burn off a few calories.
Value for money: You make your own value for money at a buffet, make sure you’re hungry when you get there and pace yourself!
Worth a visit?: Yes, get there early, grab a table outside under the leafy canopy and be ready to get your monies worth.

**Unfortunately, after a fire on New Years Eve 2015, the Address Downtown Hotel is closed indefinitely**

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