Café Comptoir 102, Jumeirah, Dubai

In a word:  Oh-la-la!
Food:  Raw in Dubai, what a treat!  Super healthy options optimised to get the best nutritional value from the ingredients
Service:  On the ball
Presentation:   Sophisticated French classic rustic-style chic!
Ambience:  Just nice and calm
Location:  Perfect for Jumeirah Janes, not so good for Marina residents, but definitely worth the trek.  The outdoor seating area next to the road doesn’t work for me.
Value for money:  Raw and wholesome foods in Dubai without the hyped up prices
Worth a visit?:  Get down there, especially now that they’re open on Fridays – ditch the brunch for something way healthier and far more sophisticated!
Cafe Comptoir 102
Cafe Comptoir 102

So I did it, I finally ventured down to the other end of town with my healthy food loving amigo, Lady L, of the fabulous food/travel/wellbeing site Fit2fly, to checkout Café Comptoir 102.  I have to say it was well worth the effort of an hours bus ride from the marina.

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Zaroob, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

In a word:  Funky
Food:  Traditional wholesome Middle Eastern dishes served hot & fast!
Service:  Quick & knowledgable (helpful when you’re clueless!)
Presentation:  Quirky & fuss free
Ambience:  Chilled social hangout
Location: Sheikh Zayed Road just in front of the Ritz Carlton, perfect for the DIFC lunch time crowd when they’ve had enough of Zuma or Wheelers!
Value for money:  Mezze style dining means you can rack up a two person banquet for less than AED 100
Worth a visit?:  Definitely if you fancy a visual and gustatory feast for cheaps!

From the neon lights outside, the bucket sinks in the toilets, to the crazy colour scheme and almost kitsch décor throughout the interiors, Zaroob just screams fresh, funky and fun, something you don’t tend to find every day in Dubai.

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