Breakfast buffet at Fazaris, The Address Downtown, Dubai

In a word: Quality!
Food: Freshly prepared, good quality and plenty to chose from
Service:  Attentive, as you’d expect from The Address hotels.
Presentation:  Interiors are beautiful with a subtle wow factor, service and eating areas look clean, and the food is nicely laid out.
Ambience:  Peaceful and relaxing, a perfect way to ease yourself into the day.
Location: Right next to Dubai Mall, perfect for eating and then wandering round one of the world’s biggest malls to burn off a few calories.
Value for money: You make your own value for money at a buffet, make sure you’re hungry when you get there and pace yourself!
Worth a visit?: Yes, get there early, grab a table outside under the leafy canopy and be ready to get your monies worth.

**Unfortunately, after a fire on New Years Eve 2015, the Address Downtown Hotel is closed indefinitely**

My husband has been talking about the breakfast brunch at Fazaris’ for a good year or so now, so we finally booked it into out Eid holidays planner and headed their for our indulgence day, aka ‘fat day’, to feast for our favourite meal of the day.

Fazaris is The Address Hotel Downtown’s international restaurant offering an international buffet style eating with live cooking stations at breakfast and lunch, together with an evening a la carte menu.

As you walk through the lobby of the hotel you’re warmly greeted by reception and concierge staff, and wowed by the interior decoration of the hotel, as you’d expect from an Address hotel it really is beautifully designed.  As you walk round to Fazaris on the ground level, Restaurant staff are swift to welcome and seat you to enjoy your breakfast extravaganza.

The restaurant

We arrived early and opted for a table outside amongst the lush foliage in almost forest-like surroundings, you could almost forget you’re in Dubai; green leaves, chirping birds, the relaxing sound of the stream.

Lush foliage on the terrace

I approached the Restaurant Manager to ask him if I could take some photos of their dining area and the food stations.   He informed me that it was not encouraged, however, I managed to sweet talk him into allowing me to take photos of the food stations and set up to get an overal idea of the presentation.


The breakfast buffet here is what you make of it.  There’s a vast array on offer to tempt you into overindulgence and you have to be strategic about your eating, this one’s not for the faint hearted if you want to get your monies worth!

Within the restaurant itself there are four large counter areas each offering a range of different breakfast foods; one for breads, pastries and what every you would like to add to them- butter, conserves, honey, chocolate spread etc., the next juices, fruits, nuts, cereals, cheeses, arabic style breakfast, and then onto cooked breakfasts with eggs, meats and other hot breakfast goods, and lastly the pork counter.


My first stop was the juice counter where I was delighted to find wheat grass juice, along with a whole lot of other fresh juices.  I then plated up a selection of sliced fruit; pineapple, pink grapefruit, watermelon, kiwi fruit and dragon fruit.  Everything looked and tasted fresh.  I accompanied my breakfast with plenty of fresh mint tea – just hot water and fresh mint leaves.

Fruit starter and wheat grass juice

Cup of tea

My second visit was to the cereals bar where on display they have a full range of cereals, from rice pops, cornflakes, all bran, to various museli-type mixes, together with a selection of dried and fresh fruits and berries, along with pots of fruit and natural yoghurts, and probiotic drinks.  I opted for the Swiss bircher museli, berries and natural yoghurt as a healthy second course.

The cereal selection

Bircher museli with berries & yoghurt

And then onto a the breads and pastries counter where I sourced and toasted some dense seeded rye bread to accompany poached eggs, roasted cherry tomatoes, foul medames, hash brown, and grilled mushrooms.  My eggs were poached freshly for me by one of the cooks, I did get a bit concerned as she seemed to disappear for five minutes whilst my eggs were poaching, I thought they might end up rock-hard, but she got back just in the nick of time and they were soft enough in the centre to keep me happy.  Mushrooms were great, not too all greasy and nicely cooked with just enough bite to them to keep them from being soggy and slimy.

Breads, pastries and anything you fancy adding!

The hot counter

Hot brekkie

After a few more cups of tea and a good rest to digest, I moved onto my penultimate round of the breakfast feast, this time for waffles, made fresh in front of my eyes in the waffle iron…that four minutes was the longest of my life!  I covered the toasty warm waffles in honey, and added berries, yoghurt, nuts and seeds from various stands in an attempt to make the classically unhealthy waffle dish healthy.  To my delight the waffles were fluffy, light and delicious!

Mmmm, delicious waffles

Needless to say, after four rounds of eating I was well and truly satiated.


The hotel is ornately decorated in that very beautifully, but very hotel-esq style.  It has an elegant wow factor.

The terrace besides Fazaris and the gardens and pool area are like an oasis of calm hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai Mall, which is just next door.  From the terrace, you also get a rather fabulous view of the much admired Burj Khalifa.

The view of the Burj Khalifa through the trees

With the buffet style you’re in control of how you present your food and i’d like to think I did a pretty good job!  Seriously, everything was nicely presented, the service and eating areas looked clean, food was displayed simply but effectively, and plates were taken away promptly.


At AED140 each for the breakfast buffet, it’s not cheap and you really do need to be ready to get there early to make the most of the buffet feast.  I felt the quality of the food to be good and fresh; waffles, eggs, pancakes etc. can all be freshly made for you, the service was excellent and location-wise it’s one of the best in Downtown Dubai. 


The restaurant staff were attentive and always at hand to open doors for you as you struggle with your plates full of food or make you a fresh waffle or two.  Plates were cleared away in a timely fashion, the waiters were only too happy to go that extra mile to help (e.g. find some fresh mint for our teas), and more than happy to offer us beverage top ups when needed.

The Restaurant Manager came to chat with me after he’d gotten over the fact that I was going to be writing about his restaurant.

For a buffet experience, we had fantastic service from all the restaurant staff.


Tel: +971 4888 3444

Website: The Address Downtown


Opening hours:

Breakfast 6.30 to 11 am

Lunch 12 noon to 3.30 pm

Dinner 6.30 pm to midnight

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