Bob’s Fish and Chips, Dubai Marina

In a nutshell: Good fish.
Food: Nothing fancy here, just good fish however you chose to have it.
Service: Hit and miss.
Attention to detail: It’s an authentic fish’n’chip shop experience!
Ambience: Lacking- it’s on the side of the road, not sure you can get a lot of ambience from there!
Location: Ideal location for those living in or around the Marina with too little time or inclination to cook.
Value for money: Price of a main is between AED 40 and AED 60 with a side.
Worth a visit?  Yes – if you can’t be bothered to cook and fancy something to remind you of grey days by the sea!

Ok, this isn’t quite my usual healthy haunt, but it was Thursday evening after what was a very long day at work.  Bob’s is your sea front fish & chip café …well almost!  The location leaves a lot to be desired but Bob’s does really good fish and chips, I’m talking crispy battered fish; crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside chips, and some rather delish healthier grilled fishy options.

The food:

For me it’s al about the battered cod and chips!  Obviously not the healthiest option on the menu, but when anyone mentions going to Bob’s, all I can think about is battered fish with chip, normally nothing on the menu gets a look in!  I’m talking crispy battered fish, crunchy on the outside soft on the inside chips, mmmm, and that’s exactly what Bob’s delivers.

Saying that, Bob’s offers some rather delish ‘healthier’ grilled fishy options.  It takes a whole lot of will power for me to choose the grilled fish and salad over the battered option, yet I’m always glad when I do.

The garlic & lemon grilled skate is delicious, beautifully cooked; moist and zesty tasting, plus it’s a big serve with your choice of a simple side salad of tomato, cucumber and olives, a jacket potato or chips.


If you’re looking for somewhere that looks and feels like a fish and chips shop, you wont be disappointed and you’d have great difficulty mistaking it for anything else!  You don’t come to Bob’s for the views; it’s sat on the road side in front of the Byblos Marina Hotel, or the ambiance; bright lights, stainless steel, chalkboards, mime artist, 1950’s dinner styling going on, in fact the whole place almost dazzles you, you won’t have any problems finding this place!

Your food is presented on a scorching hot metal dish, so hot in fact that it cooks the lemon garnish!  You have been warned.  Your hearty serving of side salad luckily comes in a separate dish.


Two portions of fish with sides just about gives you change from AED 100.


Service is a bit hit and miss.  The waiting staff are quick to seat you, how quickly they take your order and whether they bring you a place setting & cutlery depends on how busy they are.

One of my pet hates is clearing the plates before the whole party has finished eating and i’m sad, but not surprised to say, it always happens here.  On one occasion, the waiter was trying to take my plate before I’d even finished eating, that’s not a good move in my book.

Come for the food, not the service.

Another warning, there is a mime artist employed at the branch to entice customers in, and I use the word ‘artist’ in it’s losses sense.  It might works for the kids, but he freaks me out every time!


Tel: +971 4450 4262

Open 10.45am for breakfast through to 4am.


British, unspohisticated, can’t be bothered to cook, delivery

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